Trawden to Colne
At this time of year Eileen utters a phrase that use to send a shiver down my spine. “Let’s go to Boundary Mill and the January sales!” I am sure Boundary Mill is a wonderful place but it’s not my bag. Now thanks to Edward Walton who devised this route from nearby Trawden I actually look forward to going to Boundary Mill. While Eileen is in the store I can go for a walk. Result matrimonial harmony.

Start. Trawden Bus Terminus. There is a regular service (M3) from the centre of Colne to Trawden. From Boundary Mill go to the right to follow a path leading up to the station. From here turn onto Burnley Road for a bus stop outside the Crown.

Finish: Boundary Mill or Burnley Road, Colne near railway statin.

Distance: 6 miles 10k
Time: 2 - 3 hours
Grade: Easy
Map: OS Outdoor Leisure 21 The South Pennines

 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. From bus turning circle cross road and follow path round Trawden Literary Institute,


on to Boulsworth Drive and immediately off it to go round houses.


At the corner of a field turn left. Follow path across field passing through gates and stiles to reach Slack Laithe Farm. Pass along fence around boundary, under tree branches, bearing to right to cross a wall. Turn left and bear slightly right along sunken lane to Higher Naze End Cottage -to go through the garden.


Keep ahead passing two trees,


with a wall on your left, to a gateway. Turn right and follow up track,


through gate, pass Higher Draught Gates Farmhouse, past Pasture Spring Farm on left to lane Y junction. Enjoy fabulous views over to Pendle.


When the track branches


bear left and up along house track towards Little Moss Farm.


At the entrance access a narrow path on the left


along wall side and climb rise to reach stone wall stile on left. DO NOT TAKE STILE ON LEFT-but pass along 10 yards to a sign and turn RIGHT. Pass through or over two stone stiles


to reach open fields-you will see Slitterforth Farm ahead. You are not going past the farm -but aim towards it-one gate is hidden in the rushes.


At second stile, cross and turn RIGHT (NOT TOWARDS FARMHOUSE) Pass along valley


crossing stream on left and rise to left to reach gate


near road.

2. Cross the road into the field opposite. Keep ahead cross field to a stile and small foot bridge.


Cross the next field -the stile on opposite side is difficult to see until you are close up.


Cross into next rough pasture field and bear right. Do not go to a track, but down dip towards end of field to cross two small streams and find well hidden stone stile. Turn right along wall to rise to stile on lane side. Turn left to go to ramshackle stile gate


and across old stone slab bridge. After a short rise over the hill continue through three fields


to Fox Clough Farm.


Go left onto short section of tarmac then left at a gate


and taking route through small woodland, emerging at stone stile. Cross two fields keeping a straight line across to a farm lane. Cross farm lane through another gap after Sweet Clough Farm.


In third field keep to middle to find gate which is hidden by its angle. (Do not go to bottom of field where there is another gate) Down dip of the stream and rise up keeping left of Hill End Farm, then diagonally across (Aiming toward pylon) to corner of field and across Southfield Lane.


3. On corner of Southfield Lane, take track to left-(Not path that goes over Castercliffe Mound) Keep going straight down


until reaching Gib Hill House


(passing golf course and coursed stone walling on your left) At Gib Hill House turn left along a road


between fairways. Just before housing development take a path on the right that goes behind houses


with the golf course on your right. Before the next development turn right along Gib Hill Road, round the end of houses an onto pathway


which leads into grounds of Bankfield House,


across the garden


of Bankfield House towards a bridge across the railway.


Take estate road


down to Burnley Road


and left along it to a Pelican Crossing opposite the Fish & Chip Shop. By the shop is Phillips Lane. Turn down this and cross river bridge, rising to the elbow in the road with Greenfield Road. Take right turn


and then left to an un signposted path


which runs next to some chicken shacks and leads onto the access road to the Boundary Mill Car Park.


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