Chipping Pale
Leagram Hall near Chipping once had an extensive deer park enclosed a boundary known as “the pale” nearly seven miles long. The pale consisted of a ditch 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep surmounted by a wooden palisade and planted with hawthorn. Thanks to the researches of the Chipping Local History Society it is possible to follow much of the route of the pale on this very attractive and varied walk from the village centre.  (For more information see )

Start/finish: Chipping Car Par Park (pay & display) PR3 2QH



Distance: 8miles 13k

Time: 3 - 4 hours

Grade: Moderate

Map: OS OL41 The Forest of Bowland & Ribblesdale


 Map by kind permission of Johnston Press


1. Leaving the car park turn left and at the fork take the road to the right into The Grove and pass the old Berry's Chair works. Go over the bridge and pass Kirk Mill on your left. Half way along the mill pond crosses a stile on your right


and walk up the hill with the hedge on your right, to cross a stile. From the stile walk across the field bearing left to the edge of the bank of Dobson's Brook. Along here you can make out the line of the pale. Pass through a gate and walk down through the trees to cross a foot bridge. Turn right up the hill towards Windy Hill at the top.


Go through the gate next to the house, turn right and cross the yard diagonally to walk up the right hand side of the barn conversion. Go through the gate onto a track.


The track soon peters out but stay with the fence on your right until you meet a way mark that sends you to the left


crossing a field to join the Burnslack Road. Go over a stile and immediately turn right to follow another track through a gate. Continue along this track to another gate (leading onto Stanley), cross the stream using the stepping stones,


turn right and go up the bank, at the top turn right and walk toward the gate leading from Stanley to Park Gate.


Go through the gate and keep the stream on your right walk down the hill, cross the stile leading onto the road.


Turn left and walk past Park Gate farm house using a side path to the right. Back on track


turn left and continue along the track towards Park Style. At Park Style keep on the track


towards Lickhurst Farm.

2. Follow the right of way through the middle of the two farms


out onto a track


which leads to Knott Hill and its


restored lime Kiln. Continue along the farm road


to reach a main road, near to the old Leagram Smithy. Cross the road


to a stile and then follow the fence on your right, here again we are following the line of the Pale. Keeping the hedge to your right continue along until you reach a stile to take you out onto a main road. Turn right. Follow the road for a short distance until you reach the road end for Greenlands Farm.


At Greenlands Farm walk in front of the house and turn left between the house and barn. At the end of the barn turn right and follow the footpath to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel. Go through the gate, at the side of the River Loud, cross the road and go through the entrance of the hotel.


3. Pass in front of the main reception area and turn left just before the next building to walk at the back of the hotel service area. Turn right and walk towards a small gate. Here once again we follow the line of the Pale.


Keeping the hedge on your right continue along this route towards Pale Barn. At the edge of the hedge line


go over a stile and through the lovely gardens of Pale Barn, out onto the road turn left towards Pale Farm. Follow sign posts to lead you around the left hand side of the house. Over a stile and keeping Chipping Brook to your left follow the hedge on your right ,


go over a stile and bearing right follow the hedge crossing three stiles walking back towards Chipping. After the third stile walk diagonally across the field towards the newly built Cricket Pavilion. Cross the bridge


and turn right to walk up Longridge Road taking you to the village centre.