A walk that explores the delightful countryside east of Pendle. 

Fact file

Start. Small car park on Downham Road at the west end of Rimington.BB7 4DS GR SD 803456

Distance: 7 miles 11k

Time: 3 - 5 hours

Summary.  A gradual climb to Twiston Moor followed by a moorland crossing and then a gradual descent to the village. There are some steep sided valleys.  

Map: OS OL41 Forest of Bowland 



Map by kind permission of Johnston Press 


1. Walk into the village


and then a short distance after the Black Bull


turn right through a gate into a field. Bear diagonally left then after crossing one stile cross to another and turn left on its far side. The path soon joins a farm track leading to Stopper Lane.


Turn right. At the first corner take a path to the right of a service garage.


Once in open pastures head gently uphill. After 200yds a fence on the right provides guidance. Follow this to reach a green lane between two wooden gates.


Turn left. Follow this path as it leads to the substantial farmstead of Hollins.


As you reach the farm drive turn left onto a tarmac lane.


In 400yds this leads back to Stopper Lane at Ox Close Farm. Turn right. After passing the farm turn left onto a bridleway leading to Martin Top Lane.


When you reach the lane turn right.

2. Pass Martin Top on your left and then cross a stone stile


into a large pasture.Following the direction of the signpost reach another stone stile  heading uphill towards a farmstead (Whytha). After 200yds the right of way bears right


to intercept a lane after a stone stile. Turn right and then immediately left


onto a broad track leading uphill to the wilds of Rimington Moor.


After 700 yards the track turns to the right. Continue the climb through a wooden gate


following a wall on the left. After a further 250yds now in rough moorland bear right away from the wall on a path which in 500yds leads to another wall. Cross over a stile and pause.


You have arrived at the highest part of the walk.


3. Thus far the route has been mainly through fields and pastures. Now comes a rough moorland traverse a little over a mile in distance. Turn right and as far as you are able follow the wall to the right which leads towards the prow end of Pendle Hill.


In places the ground will be very boggy. In half a mile the way has to cross a steep sided gulley.


On the far side turn right and then when the path reaches a green lane turn left


and continue the march towards Pendle. A stone stile crosses into open moorland


and the path leads up to a wall. Just before a metal gate turn left over the wall and then aim for the farmstead of Coolham.Turn left on its farm drive and follow it as it swings round to meet a lane.


4. Turn right. Beyond cottages turn left onto a footpath that crosses two fields to reach an attractive cottage.


As you reach the building turn left descending steeply to a footbridge.


Climb up past a barn


and then cross to the field corner to drop steeply to a second footbridge.


As you climb the far side turn right


on a track leading to Ravens Holme.


Where the track divides bear left. Keeping the field boundary on the right follow the path as it brings you to cross the drive above Hecklin Farm. After a stone stile turn right. The path leads past the farm on the right


and with a wall on the left


climbs to a small summit. Now in a large pasture with wide views follow the spur of the hill left down to a fence 500yds away.


5.  Turn right. With the fence on the left keep ahead for 400yds to reach a wall.


Turn left through a metal gate.


After a second metal gate turn right. The path leads to a footbridge.


Over this turn left and quickly reach a lane. Turn right. As the lane reaches Twiston Mill


turn left onto a footpath. The route now concludes with a delightful valley walk along Twiston Beck.


Do not cross the beck at the first footbridge in 500yds but continue to the second. From here climb the rise to a stile and then turn right along a fence.At the next field corner bear left to drop to a track


and then climb diagonally across the next field to reach the start. 

Please note this last field was in seed when the walk was checked. If in doubt about its readiness to be trampled on keep on the track which will lead to the lane 200 yds from the car park.

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